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Politics and Sports: Do Political Views Belong in Professional Sports?

November 3, 2020

Most employers in America have rules. It could be a dress code or requiring employees to act a certain way on the job in which an employer wants to be portrayed. For most people in America, there are rules they must follow to be employed, and often this means sticking to actual work rather than getting involved with other employees on political or religious beliefs. 

Most employers in the real world know it is important to keep political, religious, and sexual beliefs to a minimum at work. The reason for this is because it can create division and hurt working relationships that can ultimately hurt productivity. 

It seems professional athletes and sports teams are given a special pass for drug use or being a felon. They also are able to use their time at work to let everyone know how they feel politically. They are given a pass for not following company culture or tradition. 

Everyone has the right to express themselves freely. However, politics and time in the game do not mix.

This podcast talks about why politics do not belong in professional sports.

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