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Will Someone in the Media Please Start Asking Questions?

March 2, 2022

With the current state of America and the conflict with Russia and Ukraine, no one seems to be asking the real questions. Corporate America and Washington have gotten wealthy from overseas cheap labor and manufacturing. It doesn’t seem like anyone wants to address the elephant in the room.


While Russia gets sanctions, they have made a deal to sell energy to China. This is all at the same time America imports just about everything from China and has sold out middle American jobs for cheap labor.


All the talk of sticking up for democracy and doing the right thing by helping Ukraine and America does businesses with a country that has one of the worst records for treating workers and they are certainly not a democracy.


It is time for someone in the media and Washington to really start asking the right questions without the fear of bringing in less revenue.


This Smart Start Money Podcast episode talks about problems that have been staring right at America with no one willing to talk about any of them. The reason is greed and power. There will not be any improvement in America until the real questions are asked and answered with solutions. 


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