The Smart Start Money Podcast


November 5, 2019

What is Smart Start Money?

Smart Start Money provides informational content on making smart money decisions. Providing tips, personal experiences, and money-saving resources, the goal is to help people start each day by staying out of debt, build wealth, and remain on a path of financial freedom.

The rising costs of healthcare, consumer goods, and wages that often do not seem to keep pace with the cost of daily life make it more important than ever to make smart financial decisions.


Smart Start Money Founder Photograph

Eric Flynn

I started as a way to provide information to people and help them make smart financial decisions. Like many people, I started my adult life with debt. A mountain of student loans and credit card debt sold on the idea of getting an education would provide a financial future that can only go up in earning potential. This may have been the story decades ago, but is no longer a reality for many people.

My story is not entirely unique. Millions of people struggle each day to get ahead. The intention of Smart Start Money is to not only provide insight into saving or spending. I also want to open conversations. Discussions relating to the economy, employment, and even the occasional forbidden topic of politics is possible. If the subject matter has a correlation to helping people with their finances or questioning the so-called experts, it's open for conversation.

Why Podcast About Saving Smart and Spending Smart?

Daily life has gotten more and more expensive over the years. Although words such as cheap, frugal, and penny pincher are often used to describe someone that always looks to save money, I am happy to own this title.

Saving money is not only smart but also easier than ever even in the current economy and rising costs. From low-cost purchase decisions to high ticket items, I am always researching how to save money and have been practicing this for quite some time.

I started writing about money and life on to help people achieve financial freedom. Not only learn from helpful tips to save money, but also from my mistakes. The Smart Start Money Podcast was started as a way to bring the website to life in an audible format.

What Makes Me Qualified To Help Save Money?

Spending over ten years in the financial services industry, I have learned the importance of saving money. People work hard for their money and it’s important to save whenever possible.



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