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Outrageous and Unrealistic Housing Prices: Something Needs to Change for the Survival of the Middle Class

April 29, 2022

Most markets around the country are seeing outrageous and unrealistic housing prices. According to a Bankrate report, the average home price has increased by about 30% in the last decade as the money people make has only seen a gain of around 11%. The American dream of buying a home is becoming out of reach for a growing number of middle-income families in the country and it is leaving many people on a fixed income in a serious financial situation that has the potential to leave them homeless.


If home prices do not come down, employers do not start to pay even more, and additional living costs do not slow down, there will be some very big problems in the future. This will be particularly the case for middle America.


This podcast episode talks about the surge in prices to buy a home and also rent a place to live.


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