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Professional Sports Strikes and Lockouts: Is It Time for Fans to Go On Strike?

April 1, 2022

Sports fans need to start realizing a growing number of professional sports athletes and team owners could really care less about their fans. From overpriced game tickets and concessions to high parking fees, professional sports figures and owners simply have no concern that many middle-income families can no longer afford to attend a game. These people care about only one thing and that is greed.


Make no mistake. The recent Major League Baseball lockout between the owners and players was about one thing and that is money. With the average player making over 500k per year, these people need to understand they are already in the top 1% of household incomes in America. Moreover, both owners and players fail to recognize who really provides their income while they fight over how many more millions of dollars they can either earn or keep.


Although lucrative television and broadcasting deals provide a lot of revenue for professional athletes and team owners, the fans are the real employer. Without people watching there would not be millions to fight over.


The only people that really get hurt in professional sports strikes or lockouts are the fans, day-to-day team lower-level support staff, and small business owners that depend on game day. Maybe it’s time fans remind the privileged professional athletes and team owners who provides their paychecks and go on strike themselves. Maybe it’s time to lock out professional sports and no longer be a fan or viewer.


This podcast episode talks about the recent MLB lockout and how most fans of professional sports should probably be thinking about a lockout of their own.


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