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Renewable Energy Isn’t Exactly Renewable

April 15, 2022

Proponents of renewable energy are frequently implying it will come from things that won’t run out like wind, water, sunlight, and plants. Moreover, they claim these new clean energy sources will not only be easily replenished but will also be better for the environment. The problem with the claim is many supposedly renewable energy resources are not renewable and they are also not exactly environmentally friendly. 

Politicians in Washington use renewable energy claims to move America away from fossil fuels. Furthermore, there are claims of not being reliant on other countries for energy resources as a reason to build the infrastructure for renewable energy resources. The issue with this claim is even with green energy resources in the U.S. it doesn’t mean the country would not still be vulnerable to energy shortages. The reason for this is there isn’t anything exactly renewable with most energy resources although government representatives would like most of America to believe there is.

This podcast episode talks about renewable energy resources and why it would not make America energy independent.


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